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Serving the Entire Bay Area

Opiate Detox

Opioid use has spread across the U.S. rapidly. We’re here to help you detox from opiates, other drugs, and alcohol. 

Outpatient REHAB

Need more support after residential treatment? We provide effective outpatient care that is convenient for you to stay sober.

Preventing Relapse

Worried you might relapse? Find out the warning signs right here, so you can get help before you fall back into addiction.

Get Assessed

Are you ready to begin recovery from addiction? Take our FREE, confidential assessment online. We'll help start you on the path to sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment That Works With You

The Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Made for You

Helping People Struggling With Addiction Reclaim Their Lives Since 1991. Based in San Jose, Serving the Greater Bay Area.

Treatment That Works With You

Finding the addiction treatment location that works for you isn’t easy. The first step is always the hardest. That’s why we offer several customizable treatment programs, including in- and out-patient treatment.

Get started on the road to recovery today. It only takes one call to find out which program works for your needs.

Alcohol and Drug Recovery is Long-Term

Recovering from drug and alcohol use is not simply about quitting those substances. It's about recovering your sense of self-worth, your dignity, and your family. At Support Systems Homes, we want you to expect a miracle, and we want to help you achieve your goals.

All Drug Rehabilitation Services Needed in One Place

We have several different services available to addicts and their families to help everyone through the detoxification process. These services include residential treatment, outpatient programs, family support groups, sober living homes, and dual diagnosis treatment.

Treatment Programs with Medical Professionals

At Support Systems Homes you'll find treatment programs with certified medical professionals. We monitor the detoxification process and conduct assessments throughout recovery to keep you medically safe.

Recovery from drug/alcohol addiction IS possible. Call 800-811-1800 now to start your treatment. All calls are confidential.

Past Clients and Their Family Members say...

"Today our son is one year free of drugs and alcohol. We want you to know how highly we value the contribution you, your staff and the Support Systems philosophy have made to his recovery. This has been a long and bumpy road, with many detours along the way. The reality is it's a never-ending road, requiring constant maintenance. We didn't give up hope, and neither did Support Systems."
"The consistency of the Support Systems philosophy made this milestone possible for our son. All along the way, your messages were clear and concise, providing him with the tools he needed to be successful, in particular a SPONSOR and the STEPS. Still today, he diligently uses these resources, and there is no doubt they are the keys to his sobriety. We want to share our success story with others and confidently recommend Support Systems. You did your job and did it well. Thank You Support Systems!"

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