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Alcohol Detox Success in San Jose, CA

Alcohol Detox Solutions

Many people continue to drink for years specifically so they can avoid symptoms of withdrawal. Breaking a pattern like this is not easy.

If you or a loved one are experiencing fear of withdrawal symptoms, it is completely natural. We can help them successfully detox from alcohol abuse.

Starting With Stabilization

It's critical to first stabilize addicts and alcoholics before they can fully take part in, and benefit from, a rehab program. Many of our patients are heavy drinkers and drug users, which means that they must go through supervised detoxification as part of the recovery process. Support from family and friends is important throughout alcohol rehab...but it's especially helpful during detox.

Being in the Right Environment

Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for those going through the detoxification process. That’s why our specially trained and medically qualified staff helps recovering addicts through the oftentimes frightening concept of detoxing.

Helpful Technology and Supportive People

For a successful detox, you will need cutting-edge protocols, expert clinical personnel, a safe, supportive environment, and an introduction to the principles of recovery. We can provide that for all those willing to change their lives.

Counseling and Education

Each patient is assigned a counselor to work with during their stay with Support Systems Homes, and all patients are encouraged to participate in educational groups and group counseling sessions. During the detox process, you’ll work with your counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan. You’ll learn to identify relapse “triggers” and how to cope with them in a healthy way (instead of returning to drinking or drug use).

Long-Term Solutions

While you're detoxing with us, you’ll also receive information about longer term treatment options. Options designed to promote long-term recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

If you or a loved one needs to detox from alcohol, please call us at 408-370-9688 and ask for detox services.

Past Clients and Family Members say...

SSH has given me a second shot at a first class life. Words could never describe all I have gotten out of this program. I truly feel you have shown me a new way to live a life filled with happiness and contentment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart-- I’m forever in debt to SSH for saving my life.