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Detox from Heroin, Oxycontin and Other Opiates

Are you desperate to stop using heroin or other opiates, but afraid of withdrawal symptoms? Support Systems Homes will make sure your detox experience is comfortable and safe. If needed, we use buprenorphine (subutex®, suboxone®) to manage opiate withdrawl symptoms. 

Need help now? Give us a call at 800-811-1800

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drug rehab drug rehabilitation

Safe, Comfortable Detoxification from Heroin and Other Opiates

Detoxing from opiates can be a frightening concept. For years, many of us used to avoid withdrawal symptoms. It’s not easy to break that pattern. We know trying to stop is difficult. Support Systems Homes’ clinically supervised detoxification process ensures that the experience is safe and comfortable. A history of heavy drug use means it’s important to go through the detoxification process while supervised by professionals. As determined by our clinical team, Buprenorphine may be used to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Cutting-edge protocols, expert clinical personnel, a safe, supportive environment, and an introduction to the principles of recovery are the keys to a successful detox experience.

Our clients are monitored by qualified, experienced staff 24 hours a day. Clinical personnel supervise the process, and coordinate services as needed. Each client is assigned a counselor to work with during their stay and clients are encouraged to participate in educational groups and group counseling sessions.

Counselors help guide the client through the detox process, developing an individualized treatment plan. Clients learn to identify relapse "triggers" and how to cope with them in a healthy way rather than returning drug use. Clients also receive information and education about longer-term treatment designed to promote abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.

About Buprenorphine

Buprenorphine is a synthetic opiate agonist medication that was approved by the FDA for treatment of opiate addiction. It enables us to offer a detoxification protocol for addiction to heroin, morphine, demerol, methadone, oxycontin (oxycodone), vicodin (hydrocodone) and other similar narcotics.  This rehab procedure minimizes the discomfort normally associated with detoxing from these highly addictive substances.

Living with Addiction in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond? Detox Safely at Support Systems Homes

If it's time for you to get help with an addiction and you need detox, call our California drug treatment center at 800-811-1800. If you’re local to the Bay Area, call our San Jose number at 408-370-9688.

drug rehab centers

drug rehabilitation centers
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At Support Systems Homes, we believe the most important person is you. Support Systems now has 24 hour live assistance available. Call (800) 811-1800 and press 7 for after-hours admissions info.

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Click Here to download and view the Support Systems Program Description in a convenient, printable format. (PDF)

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Our Sober Living Homes provide a safe, supportive environment for continuing recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

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