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Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Treatment

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Have you finished residential rehab, but feel like you could use more support?

Or maybe you're looking for a treatment program that fits with your work or school schedule?

Support Systems Homes offers Outpatient Treatment at convenient locations in San Jose.  Hours are flexible - daytime or nighttime - to fit your needs.

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Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

As part of its seamless continuum of treatment programs, Support Systems Homes offers flexible, multi-level outpatient rehab programs for clients who are stabilized in terms of their addictions, but seeking effective treatment at a less-intensive level of care than residential.

Support Systems Homes’ state certified and CARF-accredited Outpatient Program is designed for clients who do not require – or who have completed – Detoxification, Residential Treatment or Day Treatment. Outpatient groups are offered several times throughout the week during the day or at night, depending on individual needs. The length of time in the program depends on the individual and can be up to 90 days, or more if needed.

This level of care is an excellent choice for those who work, attend school or have other, similar commitments.

Outpatient Treatment gives the individual an opportunity to interact in a real world environment while benefiting from a peer-oriented, structured therapeutic program. Client progress is assessed regularly by clinical staff, who develop individualized treatment plans for you and you alone.

Safe, supportive living in our sober living homes is highly recommended during the outpatient treatment process. But it’s not required.

Graduates from the Outpatient treatment programs are welcome in our Aftercare groups and Alumni Association. These groups help provide ongoing recovery support.

Outpatient Rehab Services and Components Include:

  • Evaluation/assessment
  • Legal system advocacy when needed
  • Alcohol and other drug educational groups
  • Group counseling
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Family Educational Groups
  • Discharge planning
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Access to a variety of resources, including multicultural resources
  • Introduction to 12 Step recovery principles and self-help groups
  • Linkage/referral to needed services
  • Drug screens when required
  • Coordination with physician, therapist, EAP, MCO, union and/or employer
  • Free Lifetime Aftercare and Alumni Association activities (upon graduation)

Interested in an outpatient rehab program? Call us at (800) 811-1800 to discuss your options.

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At Support Systems Homes, we believe the most important person is you. Support Systems now has 24 hour live assistance available. Call (800) 811-1800 and press 7 for after-hours admissions info.

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Click Here to download and view the Support Systems Program Description in a convenient, printable format. (PDF)

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Our Sober Living Homes provide a safe, supportive environment for continuing recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

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