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Preventing Relapse Help in San Jose, CA

Relapse Prevention Program

Are you unable to stop thinking about alcohol or other drugs? Have you used again? These are common occurrences many in recovery have faced. Before you relapse, call us. Support Systems Homes’ relapse prevention program can help you get back on the right track.

Relapse Warning Signs

Some common signs that you may relapse soon include a feeling of disconnection from everyday activities, a lack of interest in your recovery process, thinking you can drink/use again without falling back into addiction, reconnecting with friends made during the addiction period, family and social breakdowns, resentments, depression, loneliness, and anxiety.

If you are experiencing, or see a loved one experiencing any of these warning signs, please call us.

Our Relapse Prevention Program

This program is intended for those who are currently clean and sober, but have a history of relapse and want additional support, are experiencing anxiety or fantasizing about returning to unhealthy behaviors after a period of time substance-free, or those who have recently relapsed.

Support Systems Here

The Support Systems Homes’ relapse prevention program consists of weekly groups facilitated by one of our counselors. While in the group, you'll learn about relapse triggers, hidden warning signs, and what strategies you can use to support a healthy recovery.

Relapse prevention groups take place in our outpatient center near downtown San Jose, California. This facility provides a welcoming environment that is easily accessible by car, bus, or light rail.

You'll be expected to participate actively in a group setting and complete written assignments. Participants should be engaged or willing to engage in some form of support network and actively working to confront their issues while participating in this program.

Based on Effective Methods

Our curriculum is based on the Gorski-Cenaps relapse prevention model, which uses evidence-based methods and approaches. These approaches have been tested over time and are shown to effectively prevent relapses.

Help Is Available

Assessments, individual counseling, and referrals to other levels of care are available. Coordination with EAP, union representatives, employers, the criminal justice system, and others is also available.

If you feel you're in danger of relapsing anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, please call 800-811-1800 for immediate help, 24 hours a day.

Past Clients and Family Members say...

I give the treatment team 5 stars – the highest possible rating. This was the most healing experience of my life. I love all of you. Thanks. A special thanks to my counselor, a true ray of light in a dreary world.