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Preventing a Relapse - Look for these Warning Signs

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Are you struggling with your recovery?  Experiencing any of the warning signs below?

Call us now at 800-811-1800, before things get worse.  We CAN help!

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Early Relapse Warning Phases and Warning Signs

Support Systems Homes draws heavily from The Gorski-CENAPS model for preventing and treating relapse. This model identifies phases and warning signs for relapse. Phases and warning signs like:

  1. Return to denying there's a problem
  2. Avoidance and defensive behavior
  3. Crisis building
  4. Immobilization (inability to take any action)
  5. Confusion and Over-reaction
  6. Depression
  7. Behavioral loss of control
  8. Recognition of loss of control
  9. Option reduction (feeling trapped and that there are only 3 ways out - insanity, suicide or drug use)
  10. Acute relapse episode

Important Note: Intervention during any of these phases CAN re-engage you in recovery!

Within each of these warning phases are symptoms you or others can pick up on.  For instance:

  • Stopping or decreasing recovery-related activities
  • Isolating from friends, family and peers in recovery
  • Becoming defensive in response to questions about your well-being
  • The inability to stop thinking about alcohol and other drugs
  • Becoming confused, irritable or angry
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Excessive worrying about others instead of self


If you are experiencing the following situations, you may be in danger of relapse.  Please ask for help!

1. Being in the presence of alcohol and/or other drugs, those who are drinking or using

2. Feelings we perceive as negative, particularly anger; also sadness, loneliness, guilt, fear, and anxiety

3. Positive feelings that make you want to "celebrate"

4. Boredom

5. Getting high on any drug

6. Physical pain

7. Listening to war stories and dwelling on getting high

8. Suddenly having a lot of cash

9. Not informing your doctor about your recovery program.  Prescriptions medications can lead to improper use and new dependencies; this is a frequent road to relapse.

10. Becoming complacent - the recovering person can convince himself and sometimes others that he or she doesn't have a problem – and relapses.

Are You or Someone You Care About in Danger of Relapsing?

If you feel you're at risk or you think a loved one may be, please call Support Systems Homes at (800) 811-1800 before the situation gets worse.

We provide various levels of drug treatment and relapse prevention tailored to your needs at our treatment centers in San Jose. We also offer sober living homes in San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara and other areas throughout Silicon Valley.

You have options to help you stay in recovery.  If you see relapse warning signs in your life, call us today.


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At Support Systems Homes, we believe the most important person is you. Support Systems now has 24 hour live assistance available. Call (800) 811-1800 and press 7 for after-hours admissions info.

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Click Here to download and view the Support Systems Program Description in a convenient, printable format. (PDF)

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Our Sober Living Homes provide a safe, supportive environment for continuing recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

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