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Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation at Support Systems Homes

rehabilitation alcohol drug centers

Are you or someone you care about struggling with a substance abuse problem?  There is help and hope available to you! Making the decision to seek treatment is a huge step and can be overwhelming.

We at Support Systems Homes have been through it ourselves.  We understand how to help and can provide the necessary support every step of the way. Our residential drug treatment programs have proven success in treating thousands of addicts and alcoholics over more than two decades. It is our goal to deliver effective, high-quality treatment - our accreditation, licensing and certification demonstrate that we do this year after year.

No matter your life circumstances, we treat all clients with dignity and respect and rigorously maintain confidentiality of those in treatment.

If you're in the San Jose, California area, call our main office at (408) 370-9688 to find out which residential treatment center is the best fit for your situation. If out of the area, please use our toll-free number: (888) 848-8812.

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drug rehab drug rehab centers
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Residential Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehabilitation

Support Systems Homes offers a new, healthy way of life to men and women trying to cope with the treatable diseases of alcoholism and addiction. Our residential treatment programs take place in welcoming, compassionate settings that promote dignity and respect for all.

As clients are engaged in the first steps toward recovery from their addictions, they participate in educational groups, group counseling, goal-oriented treatment planning, one-on-one counseling, relapse prevention groups, and specific components designed to address each client’s specific needs. Opportunities for exercise/recreation, visiting and family activities are also offered. While this is an intensive level of care, lengths of stay are tailored to each individual. Our expert counseling and medical teams are dedicated to providing services that demonstrate long-term, tangible results.

Conveniently located near downtown San Jose, our main treatment center is CARF-accredited, state licensed and certified.  For a seamless transition to other levels of care, we also offer detoxification at this location.

The Goal: Learn a Sober, Happy Lifestyle

The goal of our residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is to help clients learn how to achieve and sustain long-term sobriety. Staff works with each client to help them develop life skills that will not only assist them during this initial stabilization period, but well beyond it. With the help of our counseling team, clients develop individualized treatment plans and plans to support them after program completion. To ensure program effectiveness, our services and treatment interventions are based on promising and proven practices in the field.

Family members are encouraged to be involved in the treatment process, as appropriate and are welcome to attend our family education program.

The Drug Rehab Team at Support Systems: Certified Pros Who Know How Hard Addiction Can Be

Our skilled clinical team consists of nurses, counselors, clinical supervisory personnel, and a consulting American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)-certified physician. Our staff members are dedicated to promoting recovery, and can relate to your struggles from personal experience.

The Residential Drug Treatment Program at Support Systems Homes Includes:

  • Help overcoming addictions to alcohol, prescription medications,
    and illegal drugs (like methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin/other opioids,
    hallucinogens, PCP, or marijuana)
  • Emphasis on peer support and self-help skills
  • Assessment / evaluation by qualified, skilled clinicians
  • Legal system advocacy when needed
  • One-on-one and group counseling
  • Education about alcohol and other drugs
  • Assistance in developing life skills
  • Individualized, goal-oriented treatment planning
  • Case management of multiple issues
  • Referrals to other services, as needed (i.e. psychiatrists, medical doctors,
    employment services, treatment for other issues, etc.)
  • Transition Planning: If needed, we'll help you find further support or treatment
    and housing, such as sober living environments
  • Medication monitoring when necessary
  • Family Program
  • Free Lifetime Aftercare upon graduation
  • Alumni activities post-graduation
  • Healthy, nutritious, well-prepared meals
  • Coordination with physician, therapist, EAP, MCO, union or employer

Residential drug treatment centers are located:

  • Near downtown San Jose
  • In downtown San Jose
  • In San Jose's East Foothills

Don't let the chance pass you by.  Start on the road to recovery - call Support Systems Homes at (408) 370-9688.  Ask us about the Residential Treatment Program.

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At Support Systems Homes, we believe the most important person is you. Support Systems now has 24 hour live assistance available. Call (800) 811-1800 and press 7 for after-hours admissions info.

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Click Here to download and view the Support Systems Program Description in a convenient, printable format. (PDF)

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Our Sober Living Homes provide a safe, supportive environment for continuing recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

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