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Sober Living Environments in San Jose: Transition to a Happier Life

Sober Living Environments

Sober living plays a critical role in the process of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Support Systems Homes has numerous sober living/transitional housing units throughout Santa Clara County, which provide clean, safe, drug-free living environments.

Through a Sober Living Home (SLH), you transition from residential treatment/day treatment into a sober, independent, happy life.

Supervision and Support: What Goes On in a Sober Living Home

Every sober living home (SLH) is supervised by a house manager and assistant who ensure that the environment offers structure and strong peer support. Clients work or go to school, attend treatment, and engage in recovery activities in the evenings.

Sober living environments are located throughout Santa Clara County. We have highly trained, professional, compassionate staff members who are experienced in the recovery process ready to assist you.

Staying Active in Recovery

Residents must stay active in recovery activities. They must attend five 12-step-related meetings and 5 in-house meetings each week. Each resident acquires an AA or NA sponsor (or temporary sponsor) within 15 days of entering our sober living environments.

Clients agree to random urinalysis as part of participation. We are also able to accommodate testing for court referrals, employers, probation, and other agencies.

Extra Recovery Services Available to You

Our sober living environments include referrals to a vast network of community resources, professional counseling, court liaison services, long-term aftercare and recovery planning, extensive drug and alcohol education, and relapse prevention counseling.

Fun in Recovery

Support Systems strongly believes that recovery should be fun! The past 25 years have shown us that fun in recovery leads to a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

If you're enrolled in our Residential Treatment or Day Treatment programs, we'll recommend a Sober Living Environment as needed. If you're not a client yet, but need a Sober Living Home in the San Jose Area, please call our main office at 408-370-9688.

Past Clients and Family Members say...

When I first came to your treatment center, I had literally lost everything - my children, my self-respect and any real hope that my life could ever be restored to sanity. Through the expertise of your staff, I started to see that it was up to me to take responsibility for my actions if I ever wanted to have true freedom from all the wreckage I had caused. You all helped me truly come to grips with the real world through lots of hard work. When I read the promises from the Big Book, I can now see how they are coming true for me every day.