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A Guide To Understanding Marijuana Addiction And Treatment


In recent years, marijuana has gained increasing social acceptance as more states take steps to legalize its use for medical and recreational purposes. Unfortunately, the belief that marijuana is not addictive is a myth that has led to people developing a dependency upon the drug that interferes with their health, finances, and relationships.

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What Happens During Opiate Withdrawals?


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, up to 36 million people around the world could be abusing opiates. Opiate use is no laughing matter. Opiate use can be deadly, and all too many people never have the opportunity to stop. If you have ever used opiates, like heroin or painkillers, you likely know that you may experience physical or emotional withdrawal symptoms. In fact, the withdrawal process can be quite intense. The level of opiates you use depends on the drug you use, how much of the drug you use, how often you have used the drug, and your overall health. If you are thinking about quitting opiates, you should understand the symptoms associated with using them. It may encourage you to seek help as you anticipate experiencing the symptoms.

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3 Ways You Can Help Keep Your Recovering Loved One From Relapse


Seeing a loved one overcome their addiction and finally lead a healthy and productive life is more than a dream come true for you. You've fought the uphill battle of addiction right alongside them: refused to give them money for drugs or alcohol, cried when they lashed out at you in anger but held your ground and finally urged them to get the treatment they deserved.

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